Tech’s role in medical care systems under discussion as Babylon Health shows its AI capabilities

Here are some of the usual warning signs. Now go see a doctor. Those two sentences sum up what we assume is the prudent way to lean on software’s medical info world when that itch, cough or pain looks serious. Now there is cause to wonder if we can think about leaning in even more.

Babylon Health is using artificial intelligence to offer medical information through a symptom checker app, reported New ScientistIT Pro and numerous other sites watching this company’s possible impact on our health systems.

Via this app, patients can receive health feedback based on what the patients tell the bot.

A number of reports quoted Professor Martin Marshall, vice chair of the RCGP, however, who said no single app can do what a human general practitioner does in being mindful of physical, psychological and social factors that may be impacting a patient’s health. Prof. Marshall said real clinical scenarios do not always have cut and dried answers.

The company showed off its chatbot at an event held at the Royal College of Physicians.

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Carlos Ghosn: Why carmakers must adapt – or die

Carlos Ghosn

The motor industry is heading at speed towards a technological revolution. Electrification and automation are the new buzzwords. So can old-fashioned car companies survive?

That’s a question one of the industry’s most powerful figures is keen to answer.

Carlos Ghosn is the chairman and chief executive of the Alliance, a carmaking giant made up of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. It builds more than 10 million vehicles a year.

This week, on a UK visit, I asked him how much of a challenge the future presents to traditional car makers.

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